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Getting Even With the Oil Companies

Your host is a retired engineering manager and author who, with his artist wife, moved to New York to buy and lovingly renovate a rural 8,000 sf deserted, two story, brick schoolhouse into a home and art studio when oil was 99 cents a gallon. They sold it, even though they had put their heart, soul and many years into the building, when the annual bill exceeded $7300 per year. He was determined to eliminate oil by installing a geothermal system in their new home.

Their architect said they could not afford it on their budget. Their bank at first would not provide a construction loan saying it was too risky, but finally gave in. Their very qualified and exprienced builder, had never seen a geothermal heat pump and wanted no part of it. Don had to get his own bids and act as liaison between the the builder and the contractor.

The results were worth the persistence and determination. They found that they could use their well as a heat source in the winter and could dump the cooled water back into the well. In the summer, they can reverse the system and transfer the heat in the house back into the well.

The installation cost was less than an oil burner plus full AC.

And now he wants others to discover the personal and national benefits of ground based Geothermal systems.